For the Love

Devision Lab is an animation and design studio specializing in the creation of motion graphics, visual effects, and 3D animation. Based in Dallas, TX – we provide a full suite of multimedia technologies.

For over a decade we have pushed the bounds of creativity to bring life to our client’s projects. We work with a wide variety of clientele from professional sports, television & film, video gaming, retail, and manufacturing industries.

We continue to work at building a solid reputation as a first class animation and production studio. Building upon our strong foundation of excellence, we develop solutions that are adaptable, far-reaching, and tailored to our client’s needs. We seek to not simply meet the client’s expectations, but to exceed them.


A compilation of select projects to showcase some of my skill sets. You will find a diverse range from 3D animation, motion graphic design, compositing and editing.


Effectively communicate your message through creative concept development. From the first storyboard to the last clapperboard – your story is crafted around your ideas.


Breathe life into the inanimate and watch as your story takes on a personality all its own. The ordinary can become something extraordinary when allowed to do so.


Seamlessly meld live-action with CG and visual effects to create something truly astonishing. The most memorable production tends to bewilder a captive audience.