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As creatives, we tend to see things in a bit different way from others. We tend to become so entrenched in our own professions, we rarely take time to appreciate what our fellow artists are doing around us. You are doing something different and it should be shared with others.

To the left, you will find a few fun and lighthearted questions. The questions are intended to be thought-provoking and serve as a small break from the creative challenges we endure daily.

So you’ve done the hard part and all your writing is wrapped up (hi-5 yourself). Now, time to have some fun.

Please upload 5-8 images to go along with your answers. If you can only find 4 images, then 4 it is.

They will all be put on display. If you would like to have a video added, simply drop the URL into the video option on the left. If there is no video, feel free to leave it blank.