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“Never let money, where you live or other people’s thoughts about you determine your future.”
Please give us a brief bio of yourself. How, and when, did you discover your passion?

I am a full-time writer, artist, animator and comic creator. I discovered my passion for being creative when I was a very young child.

Do you have coffee, caffeine or a routine before “entering the matrix” and start to fire on all cylinders?

I used to drink coffee every morning before I begin my day but not so much now since I am more health-conscious.

Now my mornings usually consist of me planning out my activities for the day generally everything from brushing my teeth to washing my clothes and then whatever my single Art task for the day maybe.

As a kid, who was your biggest motivator?

When I was a small child my Dad was a very big motivator in my life. I used to be enamored at the way he would always speak about the things that he was doing at work which usually consisted of him creating something to make his work flow better at work.

When I got to high school one of my biggest motivators was a friend of mine who went to play professional basketball in the NBA for over 15 years and he wasn’t even the best player in the league but his hard work ethic helped him have an incredible and long career.

Knowing someone I grew up with that came from the same neighborhood I did could make it that big has always been very inspiring to me.

If you could choose one artist, living or deceased, who inspired your artistic style the most?

I actually struggled for years trying to emulate the Artists I grew up seeing their artwork. It truly wasn’t until I stopped caring about drawing like others that I was able to find my own style.

After years and years of trying to find out what works for me I stumbled upon several things that allow me to create my art consistently and that was what I had been looking to do for so many years.

If you were not in the creative field you are in today, what would be your chosen profession?

If I wasn’t in the creative field that I am today I would more than likely be pursuing a career in music or some other form of entertainment.

I have always had a passion for being creative regardless of the medium whether it was working in film, music or art.

Shameless Plug: Are you working on anything you’re proud of and would like to share?

I am currently working on the final issue to the first story arc in my HOODRATZ IN SPACE comic series. I’m very excited and looking forward to having my first trade paperback out and available for everyone soon.

Any inspirational words of wisdom?

Never let money, where you live or other people’s thoughts about you determine your future.

Your dreams and aspirations are yours alone.

Never settle for less than what you believe you deserve.

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