Rockwall Wraps

Concept, 3D Animation and Custom Audio for New Sizzle Reel Delivery

Project Deliverable

Project Details and Overview

A hard-hitting and raucous promotional video for the vehicle wrap specialists used for assisting their brand-building and new customer attraction. Since inception, they have grown exponentially into multiple industries and niche markets.

Creative Solutions and Challenges

The Rockwall Wraps deliverable required lots of pre-planning due to its multiple moving parts. The production was our first time working with the Rockwall Wraps organization and we instantly hit our stride and vibed well. We were given free reign to grunge-it-up and develop its hardcore look and feel. Collaboratively, we hit a home run and the pulse-pounding anthem became an instant classic for weeks after the project’s public release.

Project Deliverable

Concept, 3D Animation and Custom Audio for New Sizzle Reel Delivery


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