Project Details and Overview

Rockwall Wraps is a 3M MCS Certified Manufacturer. This certification means they have all the necessary vinyls, inks, and printers specified by 3M in order to print your graphics to the highest of industry standards.

Creative Solutions and Challenges

The Wrap Garage deliverable was a story-driven introduction to the sarcastic, rusty drone named WG356. Through After Effects and Cinema 4D, the drone was composited into live-action footage. The cinematic was then color-graded with our proprietary Tribal Grades presets.

Project Deliverable

Character Creation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Custom Script Creation


Effectively communicate your message through creative concept development that is meticulously crafted around your ideas.


Breathe life into the inanimate and your story takes on a personality of its own. 2D/3D Animation, 3D, compositing and graphic design.


Seamlessly blend live-action with CG and visual effects to create something truly astonishing and captivating to your audience.

On a mission to empower our clients and bring their ideas to life.

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