For this scene, the camera is in the door. Use whatever focal length you choose for the plate. With this setup, we can capture the flush scene and the toilet lid close.

  1. Shoot background plate
  2. Lift toilet lid so toilet is open
  3. Remove top of toilet tank
  4. Pull the ball up to make toilet flush.


For this scene, we handle it the way we did for the kitchen. We first shoot a plate from the vantage point of the back wall.  Don’t worry about the camera’s reflection in the mirror because I will remove it in post.

With the WATER RUNNING, open the doors beneath the sink and twist the knob to turn the water off.  Give it a few seconds and turn it back on. The water will appear to turn on by itself. I will then comp everything together in post.


For this scene, we need a 2-part setup. First, we need a plate of the back wall, taken from the vantage point of the mirror.

Next scene, camera is placed behind the actor that is standing in front of the mirror. If possible, try not to have them to move too much. I will then remove the glass (in post) and rebuild the mirror without the actor casting a reflection.

  1. Shoot background plate
  2. Shoot scene from behind the actor