Upon entry, you are greeted by a giant life-size cutout of Elvis. Your mind automatically thinks “okay, what’s next?”
It doesn’t take long to develop a feeling of not being in Kansas anymore. As you are still trying to focus on the coolness in front of you, you’re greeted and given a tour that overwhelms the senses.

Back in the day, when children actually played with real toys instead of ipads, every little boy owned a Tonka Truck. A magically indestructible dump truck that was tossed everywhere and dropped from everything. It was a feeling of “wow, this is just incredible.” Now, snap out of your flashback and rejoin us in the present. That feeling you had as a kid is what they have managed to capture in their “work environment.” The only difference is the Tonka Trucks, in this case, are real and may be parked right next to a Lamborghini or a Bud Light tour bus. It is sensory overload.

After exploring the remainder of the campus, the real work begins and it’s time to sit down for a brainstorm session. The owners give the “follow me” head nod and we’re off to the War Room. Upon entering the room, you’re caught off-guard by the vision of a metal rifle shrouded in a ghillie suit that is eerily reminiscent of a scene from Predator.

The talks begin and soon, we get to the heart of the matter – the creation of new digital medium. What emerged from the session were the conceptions of WG-356 and WG-357. For those who have not yet experienced the video, WG-356 is an old metal drone, from a time before, that happens to be your tour guide. He’s British, fluent in sarcasm and loves to share his wealth of knowledge. We don’t want to give away too much of the story so watch the video.

In order to create the video, we had to coordinate numerous moving parts from scheduling, time of date, sun location, placement and momentum. We first produced custom audio to pull you in. Next, we wrote the laughter-inducing script that would be used to introduce WG-356 to world. We hope you’ve enjoyed this small, but critical, trip through one phase of our process. If you would like to learn more, contact us for a free consultation to discuss a new idea for your company!

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