Arthur Muhammad

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"Never abort the process and keep pushing. Sometimes your goal may be achieved right after the point…"

- Arthur Muhammad

Please give us a brief bio. How, and when, did you discover your passion?

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I attended Carter High and later received my bachelor’s in Film and Media from Southern Methodist University and is currently pursuing my MFA.

My first short film C’Ya won Best Film in the Dallas Black Film Festival and the 21st Annual Scottsdale Film Festival. My first feature film, Solitaire also won Best Film in the Dallas Black Film Festival, and went on to be domestically distributed by Maverick Entertainment. I followed Solitaire up with Sweet Justice which was distributed by Wells Go and premiered on Netflix.

I was honored for my screenplay Carter High at the Cinema City International Film Festival’s Screenwriter Awards in Los Angeles. Carter High was the long awaited true story of the 1988 Carter High Cowboys, the most feared high school football team in Texas during this period. It is the Carter High story that inspired the blockbuster football movie Friday Night Lights and the later produced TV series.

Some of my movies have been enjoyed by audiences from around the world thanks to their placement on Netflix, BET, and theatrically. First Impression is currently airing on BET and Netflix, while Carter High is airing on Aspire TV.

I discovered my passion for filmmaking / story telling sometime in high school. Me and my friends would shoot home videos with a VHS camera.

As a kid, who was your biggest motivator?

I really didn’t have a motivator. I wish I did.

If you could choose one artist, living or deceased, who inspired your artistic style the most?

I would probably say Alfred Hitchcock if I had to choose ONE.

If you were not in the creative field you are in today, what would be your chosen profession?

Maybe a football coach.

Shameless Plug: Are you working on anything you’re proud of and would like to share?

I have several films that should be coming out soon. The Ll Voice, The Starter Marriage, Gutta Mamis, and Colors of Love (documentary).

Any inspirational words of wisdom?

Never abort the process and keep pushing. Sometimes your goal may be achieved right after the point you decided to give up.

Arthur Muhammad

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