Frank E. Abney III

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"Create Create Create! We all have a unique perspective of the world, which means we have a voice."

- Frank E. Abney III

Please give us a brief bio. How, and when, did you discover your passion?

Well, I was trying to imitate the cartoons I would watch, on paper, since I could hold a pencil. So I’d say that’s when I discovered my passion. I didn’t really know that it was one, or that I wanted to actively pursue it, until I saw The Lion King in theaters. I later got it on VHS (Remember those?) and I would watch it everyday after school. No exaggeration, EVERY DAY! My Dad passed away when I was 5, so I think that’s why I connected with that film, and Simba. This was the first time I really connected with storytelling, on this level. I was hooked, and wanted to be a part of creating stuff like it.

Do you have coffee, caffeine or a routine before “Entering The Matrix” and start to fire on all cylinders?


As a kid, who was your biggest motivator?

My mother was my biggest motivator for sure. She always wanted my sister and I to excel in whatever we did. She’d remind us about where we could go, if we did our part, and put the work in!

If you could choose one artist, living or deceased, who inspired your artistic style the most?

I can’t really choose one, I kind of soak everything in, and pull out the inspirations, based on whatever I’m working on. haha. I’m not sure I’ve discovered my own personal style. I’m just trying to bring meaning and truth to the stuff I create.

When you hit a creative block, how do you push forward?

When I hit a creative block, I just have to step away completely, and do other things. I’m constantly inspired by life, and memories. Something else is bound to pull me out of it. I just can’t put too much thought on the block itself, just acknowledge it’s happening, and keep moving. My family is always a good source of inspiration, just being home, and present.

If you were not in the creative field you are in today, what would be your chosen profession?

I’ve always been fascinated with building stuff. I enjoyed the woodshop classes I had in middle school in high school. So, maybe Carpentry??

Shameless Plug: Are you working on anything you’re proud of and would like to share?

I’ve been directing a short film I wrote a while back, called “Canvas”. It’s a short film about a painter trying to regain his inspiration to create, after suffering a loss. I just released a teaser on February 19th, and we launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds. ( Teaser plays at the end of the campaign video, or here’s the standalone teaser )

Any inspirational words of wisdom?

Well first, I’m honored! haha. But yeah, I have some words of wisdom. Create Create Create! We all have a unique perspective of the world, which means we have a voice. If you want to create, and tell stories, pull from your life, pull from something TRUE. As vulnerable as it is, those are the stories people connect with. As different as we are, we are also very much the same, so your work is bound to resonate with someone out there. Be humble, and let your work speak truth!

Frank E. Abney III

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