Royse Adkins

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"Find your passion and go all in on it. Don’t be afraid of the “what ifs”. Be confident in yourself and be relentless!"

- Royse Adkins

Please give us a brief bio. How, and when, did you discover your passion?

I am a filmmaker, freelance videographer, comic book author, and occasional podcast co-host. My main passion is filmmaking. I’m a writer and director, however, directing is my heart and soul. I came into writing mainly so I could have stories to direct as it’s hard for an up and coming director to find work that people will trust you with. But it was the best thing that could have happened to me because I’ve found a passion for creating my own stories as well. I found my love for filmmaking when my dad let me play with his VHS camcorder when I was about five or six. From there, I started making silly home movies with friends and the rest is history.

Do you have coffee, caffeine or a routine before “Entering The Matrix” and start to fire on all cylinders?

I don’t drink coffee and I can’t really say I have a routine I abide by. I think I just wake up, see how I feel and let that dictate my grind for the day.

As a kid, who was your biggest motivator?

As a kid my biggest motivators were my dad and Michael Jordan.

If you could choose one artist, living or deceased, who inspired your artistic style the most?

I’d have to say the great Stan Lee.

If you were not in the creative field you are in today, what would be your chosen profession?

If I were not in the creative field and my knees weren’t so horrible, I’d be in the NBA. Or at least try my hardest to get there. The first time I saw Michael Jordan play, I dropped my camera and picked up a basketball. The plan was to never look back but my body thought differently.

When you hit a creative block, how do you push forward?

When I hit a creative block, I just have to step away completely, and do other things. I’m constantly inspired by life, and memories. Something else is bound to pull me out of it. I just can’t put too much thought on the block itself, just acknowledge it’s happening, and keep moving. My family is always a good source of inspiration, just being home, and present.

Shameless Plug: Are you working on anything you’re proud of and would like to share?

I’m excited to say I’m currently finishing up a short film that will hopefully be out by the time this article is published. I also have two comic books in the works. One is a continuation of a series that is already out called BioPunks, and the other is a fresh new series that I can’t wait to share hopefully by summertime. I’ve also just recently released a web series that was written and starred my sister that I helped direct and produce called L&X (Life & Times) of A Single Angeleno. It’s a four part series that is available to watch on Instagram and youtube.

Any inspirational words of wisdom?

I’ve never been the one to have these deep motivational sayings. For me it’s just, find your passion and go all in on it. Don’t be afraid of the “what ifs”. Be confident in yourself and be relentless!

Royse Adkins

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